Schools Show Talks:

10:45-11:30 Dr Kathy Weston, Educational Researcher and Founder of Keystone Aspire and Tooled Up Education on 'The Role of Parents in Children's Academic and Life Success'.

12:00-12:30 Susan Hamlyn, Director of The Good Schools Guide on '11+ Entrance Examinations: All You Need To Know'.

13:00-13:30 Liam Stott from the University of Bedfordshire on 'An Introduction to Higher Education'.

14:00-14:30 Mrs Goulding, Headteacher at St Francis' College on 'Girls Only Education - Anachronistic or the way forward?'

15:00-15:30 Mrs Thomas, Headteacher at Abbot's Hill on 'A good school does a lot more than teach your child to pass exams'.


Keep your eye on our updates for more events and talks going on throughout the day!